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Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart is a points-based system that allows owners to exchange their Marriott Vacation Club Points for stays in Marriott Vacation Club resorts, select Marriott Hotels & Resorts properties, and participating Ritz-Carlton hotels. The chart outlines the number of points needed to book each type of resort or hotel. For example, one night at a Category 1 hotel requires 7500 points while one night at a Category 9 hotel costs 45000 points.

Owners can also use their points for air travel, cruises, car rentals, and other activities through the Travel Exchange Program which may offer an even greater value than using them for stays within the program. As part of the consistent improvement in customer experience with MVC’s offerings; various promotions are available throughout different times of the year where members receive discounted point values when making reservations.

Marriott Vacation Club has an extensive Points Chart that makes planning your vacation a breeze. With Marriott Vacation Club points, you can book stays at over 4,000 resorts worldwide! Whether you’re looking for a beach getaway or city escape, the Points Chart allows you to easily plan ahead and determine how many points are needed for each stay.

You can also use your points to enjoy discounts on dining and activities in some of the world’s most popular destinations. The Marriott Vacation Club points chart is a great way to get the most out of your vacation experience!

Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart

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How Many Points Do You Earn at Marriott Vacation Club?

Marriott Vacation Club members earn points for every dollar they spend on eligible stays and activities. Points can be used to book vacations, purchase merchandise, gift cards, and more. The amount of points earned depends on the type of membership:

* Gold Elite Members – 10 points per $1 spent

* Platinum Elite Members – 11-15 points per $1 spent

* Titanium & Ambassador Elite Members – 15-20 points per $1 spent

Additionally, Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card holders receive 6x bonus rewards when booking directly with Marriott Vacations Worldwide.

What are the Different Levels of Marriott Vacation Club?

Marriott Vacation Club offers five levels of membership. These include:

* Silver Elite – Offers a 10% discount on already discounted rates and points earned for every dollar spent at participating Marriott hotels.

* Gold Elite – Provides 20% discounts and double points per dollar spent.

* Platinum Elite – Gives 25% discounts, quadruple points per dollar spent, complimentary upgrades, and early check-in/late checkout options.

* Ambassador Elite – Includes exclusive invitation-only benefits such as personal concierge services and special discounts on vacation packages.

* Lifetime Platinum Elite– Enjoys the same benefits as Platinum level members plus additional rewards like room upgrades to suites or villas when available and more points per stay. All members receive access to exclusive travel deals and experiences around the world with Marriott Vacations Worldwide’s collection of resorts in sought-after destinations worldwide.

Marriott LakeShore Reserve Point Chart for Marriott Vacation Club Points
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How Much is One Marriott Vacation Club Point Worth in Dollars?

One Marriott Vacation Club point is worth approximately $0.11 in dollars. The value of a single Marriott Vacation Club point can be broken down as follows:

– A basic hotel room costs 10,000 points per night.

– The average cost of a basic hotel room is around $110 USD per night.

– Therefore, one MVC point has an approximate value of $0.11 USD. Overall, the exact value of a single Marriott Vacation Club point varies depending on the type and location of accommodation chosen.

2023 DVC Point Charts

Do Marriott Vacation Club Points Expire?

Yes, Marriott Vacation Club points do expire. Here is a quick summary of what you need to know:

• Any unused points will expire on December 31st of each year.

• Points can be extended for up to one year by making an eligible purchase or transferring ownership.

• If an owner does not meet the minimum point requirement, then any remaining balance will be forfeited and cannot be refunded or restored. To ensure that your hard-earned vacation club points don’t expire, make sure you use them before the end of the year or extend their validity with a qualifying purchase or transfer during that time period as well.

THE GOOD & THE BAD of Marriott Vacation Club Points

Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart 2024 Pdf

Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart 2024 Pdf is a useful resource for those looking to plan their vacations in advance. The chart provides an overview of the points required for each resort and hotel category, as well as the number of points required for various amenities such as additional nights or upgrades. With this information at hand, vacationers can create their own custom itineraries that will best suit their needs while staying within their budget.


In conclusion, it is clear that the Marriott Vacation Club Points Chart is an invaluable tool for those looking to optimize their vacation experience. It allows members to maximize their points and get the most out of a stay at any Marriott property. With this chart, members can quickly determine how many points they need to redeem for a specific hotel room or resort package, ensuring they make smart decisions when booking their trip.

Furthermore, with its easy-to-understand format and comprehensive information about point values, there is no better way to manage one’s Marriott Vacation Club account than by using the Points Chart!

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