Explain Aunt Bethany Christmas Vacation Costume

Aunt Bethany Christmas Vacation Costume is a character from the 1989 holiday classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. She is portrayed by Mae Questel and is the elderly aunt of Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase. Her costume would consist of an old-fashioned dress with a large floral print and lace trim, white gloves, sensible shoes, stockings or pantyhose, a small purse likely in solid black, and spectacles perched on her nose.

A grey wig styled into tight curls may be added for authenticity as Aunt Bethany was known for her fluffy updo. If desired one could add accessories such as pearl jewelry to complete the look.

Aunt Bethany from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is one of the most iconic holiday characters of all time. Her unique outfit and silly antics have made her a fan favorite for years. If you’re looking to dress up as Aunt Bethany this year, you’ll need to find an old-fashioned style dress with a large bow in the back, conservative jewelry, and sensible shoes.

For extra fun, add some curlers to your hair and carry around a plate of Jello!

Aunt Bethany Christmas Vacation Costume

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What Kind of Hat Does Aunt Bethany Wear on Christmas Vacation?

Aunt Bethany wears a traditional red and white knitted cap in the movie Christmas Vacation. It’s often called a “Santa hat” due to its festive design. Features of Aunt Bethany’s Hat:

• Red and White – The hat is made of alternating stripes of red and white fabric.

• Knitted Fabric – The fabric is knitted, giving it an extra layer of warmth for winter weather.

• Pointed Toe – The pointed toe gives the hat a classic Santa Claus look.

• Pom-Pom on Top – A fluffy pom-pom adorns the top of the hat, adding to its overall festive theme.

Aunt Bethany Christmas Vacation Costume

What is in Aunt Bethany’S Jello?

Aunt Bethany’s Jello is a delicious, family-favorite dessert. It consists of the following ingredients:

* Gelatin powder

* Hot water

* Cold water

* Sugar

* Fruit juice or puree for flavoring and color. The jello can be served with whipped cream on top for an extra special treat!

What was added to Aunt Bethany’S Jello in Christmas Vacation?

Aunt Bethany’s Jello in Christmas Vacation was made with a few additional ingredients:

* Whipped cream, for extra sweetness.

* A sprig of freshly picked rosemary, for flavor.

* An egg, to provide texture and binding power. These unique ingredients created an unforgettable jello dish that no one else could replicate!

Aunt Bethany Christmas Vacation Costume

Who is the Great Aunt in Christmas Vacation?

The great aunt in Christmas Vacation is Aunt Bethany. She is Clark Griswold’s aunt and was portrayed by Mae Questel. Aunt Bethany has a few key characteristics that make her memorable:

* She always wears a white dress and hat, no matter the occasion.

* Her hearing isn’t great and often mishears what people say to her.

* She loves animals, especially cats.

* Mainly, she loves to celebrate Christmas with all of her family members and friends around her!

Aunt Bethany brings lighthearted humor to the movie as well as an appreciation for all things related to Christmas — making it clear why she’s such a beloved character in this classic holiday film!

Aunt Bethany


In conclusion, Aunt Bethany’s Christmas Vacation costume is a classic and iconic look that will bring joy to your family holiday celebrations. Not only are the items to create this costume easily obtainable, they also add an air of nostalgia to any gathering! If you’re looking for something fun and unique to wear during the holidays, try recreating the beloved character of Aunt Bethany with her signature style.

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